EuroBasket 2022: France - Lithuania at 5:45 p.m. and Italy

We are getting into the hard part today with TWELVE matches on the menu for this third day of the Euro. Twelve matches, will have to juggle intelligently, because among these twelve matches at least half deserve attention. Are we trying to see more clearly? Go on !

Today's program:

  • 1:30 p.m.: Montenegro – Belgium
  • 14h : Finland – Poland
  • 14h15 : Great Britain – Croatia
  • 14h30 : Germany – Bosnia
  • 16h15 : Bulgaria – Turkey
  • 17h : Estonia – Ukraine
  • 5:30 p.m.: Czech Republic – Serbia
  • 17h45 : Lithuania – France
  • 19h : Georgia- Spain
  • 20h30 : Hungary – Slovenia
  • 21h : Italy – Greece
  • 21h : Netherlands – Israel

Rankings before matches

Group B September 1, 2022

Group C September 3, 2022 Group D September 3, 2022

The game not to miss

No, it doesn't come from the fact that we were born in Bourg en Bresse and that, consequently, we obviously support LA FRANCE on this Euro, but the biggest match of the day concerns LA FRANCE, which plays not his life but at least his survival at 5:45 p.m. against Lithuania. Defeated by Germany on Day 1, the Blues have an obligation to redeem themselves and, unluckily, it will be against a Lithuania also defeated in the opening, by Slovenia, and who therefore also need to win . No bowl we said. Huge European shock, between two teams who know each other and who are used to meeting each other in this kind of competition, but this time we therefore reset the counters to zero and it is therefore at the end of the afternoon and on Canal Plus that we will sweat together in front of the exploits or not of the gang of Terry Tarpey and Amath M'Baye. Is this sentence scary? Your turn to judge.

The main issues:

Of course we are not going to send anyone home from the third day, but some nations are already playing big on this Saturday. In Group A? Spain and Turkey will attempt the pass of two respectively against Georgia (big match!) and Bulgaria (quiet) while Belgium – Montenegro which will open the program will look like a play-in for the qualification for the eighth, especially for the Belgians who won the day before yesterday against Georgia. In Group B? Slovenia may laugh out loud against the modest Hungarians, Germany will try to take shelter against Bosnia and the BIG shock of the day will see France and Lithuania face off, two teams defeated on Thursday for their first match. In Group C Greece – Italy promises and we wish good luck to the Transalpines to stop the other crazy, the Croats have every interest in securing against the English and Ukraine will take a big step towards qualifying in the event of a win against the Estonians. Finally, in Group D the most balanced match seems to be Finland – Poland at 2 p.m., while the Serbs and Israel should slam the pass of two against the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Beginning of hostilities at Tropézienne time and a program that will bring us pépouze until 11 p.m., for a 100% basketball afternoon. Are you ready ? We are!