FC Barcelona: Bernardo Silva, case closed: City no longer sells

Bernard Silva not play for Barcelona this season. The Portuguese had become the last great target of the market which for this summer, but finally there will be no option for the midfielder to reach the Camp Nou. Manchester City has decided to stop its departure to the Camp Nou at this moment since we are two weeks away from the closing of the market and it is no longer the time to get rid of one of the best players that Guardiola has in his squad when there is no cul offer.

"I would like Bernardo Silva to continue, but not to stop the wishes of the people"

Guardiola's stance

The English club was not interested in selling the player. However, Pep had made some statements in Barcelona at the beginning of the summer in which he made it clear that they would not retain a player who did not want to continue at City. Some demonstrations that took place when it became known that the azulgrana club had in mind to sign to Portuguese.

City appraisal

The operation was already complicated from the beginning. City was not interested in selling and only got rid of Silva if the offer was at 100 million euros since they consider that he is one of the best players in the squad and his price will be about that amount. The problem is that Barcelona have not been able to present a concrete offer either.

Silva gives a pass to a compa

Silva gives a pass to a teammate. / CHEMA KING

The figure of Mendes

Silva was willing to change the scene if that Barca proposal arrived. jorge mendesthe player's agent, had spoken to Laporta on numerous occasions about the possibility of this footballer landing at the Camp Nou. The player wanted and the Bara also, but the money was missing to make the transfer possible. The activation of several economic levers and the signings of Lewandowski, Raphinha and Kound, made us think that the Barça club could undertake the operation.

Economic problems in Can Bara

In recent days it has been seen that this is not possible. The club needs to sell players to be able to register to all the signings and would have to get rid of several to carry out an operation of the magnitude of Bernardo Silva's. Although Laporta on the American tour kept insisting that it was possible, reality has said no.

No Bara offer

Manchester City has decided to close the Bara route for Bernardo Silva. If at first he was willing to listen to the Azugrana club, Now it is too late. Neither is there a proposal nor has the player expressed his desire to leave City. And what the English Board is not going to do is wait until the last moment.

De Jong, in last weekend's match against Rayo.  / EFE

De Jong, in last weekend's match against Rayo. / EFE

De Jong

One of the basic premises to be able to sign this footballer was that Barcelona could sell to De Jong. Although they have tried since the market opened, it has not been possible. The player has not wanted to leave despite the fact that the club already had a practically closed deal with Manchester United.


A sale in the last week would force the citizens a go to the market fast and running looking for a substitute. And that is always bad business because the clubs will be waiting and the price of the replacement will go through the roof. Given the silence from Barcelona, ​​City has decided to close the Bara route, although some other club could make one last attempt. There is also talk of a possible renewal.