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Samsung Z Fold4

Mr. Zack Nelson of YouTuber channel "JerryRigEverything"Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4ofDurability testwas carried out. Z Fold4, a folding smartphone, seems to be less durable than a general smartphone,Stronger than most smartphone modelsIt became clear.

Z Fold4 should be "unbreakable"

JerryRigEverything's phone durability tests typically involve bending and burning devices,Galaxy Z Fold4in the test ofSand the surface and hingesA more severe item test was also carried out.Surprisingly, the Galaxy Z Fold4 iscould withstand any damage

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is touted as "unbreakable" in the US, but Nelson did his best to disprove that claim in a roughly 10-minute video.


Is the device also dustproof?

Samsung touts the Galaxy Z Fold4's water resistance, but didn't test it for dust resistance.

In the video, Nelson tested the device's dust resistance by covering it with sand, and the screen worked just fine. No matter how much I tried to squeeze sand between the hinges, it never got inside the device.

Resistant to both horizontal and mountain folds

Nelson continued testing by trying to fold the Galaxy Z Fold4, but found that folding the device sideways with the device closed,Withstands mountain folds on hingesThe result was derived.

"Galaxy Z Fold4 passed the resistance test," Nelson said in praise of Samsung.

Source:JerryRigEverything/YouTube via Notebookcheck