Gazprom: Siemens verified oil leak from "Beixi-1" pipeline machines but simply cannot be fixed - yqqlm

Gazprom: Siemens has confirmed that the "Beixi-1" pipeline plant is leaking oil but can not be fixed

The Russian Gazprom (Gazprom) introduced on September 3 that the German Siemens AG participated in the servicing of the "Beixi-1" pipeline in accordance to the current contract, discovered a breakdown and signed a report confirming the oil leak of the devices. . all set to reduce the fault, but there is nowhere to do mend do the job. Gazprom announced on the 2nd that all through the maintenance of the turbines of the "Portovaya" compressor station collectively with reps of Siemens, it was found that there had been several oil leaks in the devices and the "Beixi-1" pipeline would fully halt the transmission gasoline until eventually the troubles are solved. Gazprom also mentioned identical oil leaks had been also detected in 3 turbines that had been overhauled earlier and that these turbines are presently in a compelled shutdown condition. Siemens mentioned that only professional maintenance organizations can completely rule out oil leaks. (Glonghui)