Gerard Piqué wins conditions of the Spanish justice on children with Shakira

While Gerard Piqué lives his passionate romance with Clara Chia and now, without hiding from the international media, the conflict it has with Shakirafor the custody of the children advances.

Apparently, the Spanish laws would favor Piqué in terms of where the children of the singer and the footballer would live. Instagram
It has been speculated that the Colombian would be gathering evidence that she would use to achieve her mission, which is none other than taking her little Milan, 9 years old; and Sasha, 7, to the United States. The Colombian, who no longer wants to live in Spain, because she went to live in that country because of her relationship with Gerard, which no longer exists, wants to travel as soon as possible .

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Apparently, the woman from Barranquilla would have proposed several options to achieve her goal, One of them included taking over a percentage of the debt that Piqué has with the Spanish Treasury, and providing plane tickets for him to travel to Miami, the city where he wants to live, and to be able to visit the little ones regularly.. Another would be to ensure that the children travel frequently to Spain to see their father.

The thing is that, although it had been said that the first would have sounded like the Barcelona defender, in reality, they have not specified anything.

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evidence against Pique that would not affect it

Hence Shakira I would use a video as a pressure mechanism, in which Piqué appears driving his car, with his son Milan in the front and passing a red light; that according to what was said by the photographer Jordi Martin, who has specialized in information about the couple.

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However, what seems convincing evidence for Shakira to obtain full custody of her children and could go to Florida, added to other evidence that would account for the partying and somewhat immature temperament that quarrels with an exemplary father and that would leave them in a bad light. to Piqué, they might not be enough.

According to what was stated by the aforementioned photographer, Spanish laws would protect and favor Gerard, in terms of his desire for his two children to remain in Barcelona.

According to the reporter, the children were born in Spain, they attend school there, in fact, a few days ago they started a new school calendar; they have roots in the country and have not had it in any other, since they have always resided there. Said roots are further solidified by the presence of the entire paternal family in Barcelona.

Apparently, Spanish laws would take into account all these aspects and would not allow infants to be exposed to possible instability that could arise from travel constants raised by their mother.

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If the Spanish laws would favor Piqué, the role played by Tonino, Shakira's brother, who is also her roadmanagerhas acquired in the last few days.

The player's ex-brother-in-law has visited Gerard in his bachelor apartment, precisely to convince him to agree to the children settling in Miami. It is not yet known what Piqué says, but after his recent statement where he expresses that he will take legal action, it is speculated that he could be willing to do anything for Milan and Sasha.