Get vaccinated! Scenarios of chickenpox are on the increase in Mexico

Teresa desires to safeguard her daughter Valentina, so she will look for the second dose of vaccine from the virus chickenpox.

"We vaccinated her in May perhaps, so proper now in November we have to look for her again."

Teresa Romero, mother of a household.

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Vaccines are wanted, a lot more now than hen pox instances Mexico have doubled.

In accordance to Nationwide epidemiological surveillance programthe instances recorded so considerably in 2022 are 21 thousand. In all of 2021, 8 thousand 627 infections have been recorded.

But what is the rationale for this raise?

"It really is anything we anticipated to see after the pandemic, specifically simply because of the small quantity of vaccinations or minimal vaccination costs."

Arianna Huerta Martínez, Pediatric Infectologist.

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chickenpox symptoms

  • blisters
  • Itching
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

Chickenpox it is transmitted by call or by air And if still left untreated, it can get even worse.

“There are problems involved with chickenpox like submit-chickenpox encephalitis or pneumonia owing to the massive amount of viral particles we can have. The instant you scratch, you catch these microorganisms and it triggers something called chickenpox harmful shock syndrome.

Arianna Huerta Martínez, Pediatric Infectologist.

Consequently, from one particular 12 months of age, it is important to vaccinate youngsters versus chickenpox. There are two doses, 6 months apart.

"We ought to search for the advantage that vaccines give us and that vaccines have always provided us, like chickenpox, we will have to not permit our little ones get infected."

Arianna Huerta Martinez.

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Everyone who would like to get vaccinated can do it even when they have experienced contact with a contagion.

"If we know that at school you had been in call with a baby with chickenpox, we have 3 times to be ready to vaccinate him and consequently cut down the threat of severe or serious disease."

Arianna Huerta Martínez, Pediatric Infectologist.

The chickenpox vaccine is not incorporated in the Nationwide vaccination preparebut it can be bought in the non-public health care sector.