Goosebumps. "Girl" finds black beads similar to black pearls scattered throughout the room. When he knew the answer, he was terrified.

It's another terrifying story that invites goosebumps Not less when foreign websites report that "girl" an Australian have to meet with the ultimate story goosebumps After she found that there was a small black pellet similar to "Black Pearl" Thousands of grains were scattered all over the village in a surprising amount. which at first she understood that it was from a toy of daughter herself, but it wasn't, so she posted a question netizens When he received an answer, he was even more shocked.

by "girl" This Australian have posted this on Facebook online community group At first she understood that it was something that came from the toys of daughter But when you look carefully I think probably not. She guessed it was an egg or some animal feces. which she wanted to inquire netizens What exactly is it?

shortly thereafter It quickly gained attention. netizens Go into the comments, comment a lot. which some people understand that it may be the filling in the toy But some said it looked scary.

when the image has been shared Insect specialist from the University of Queensland of Australia have come out to analyze that "The black pill you see Probably an egg moths It is recommended to remove them all. Otherwise their larvae will hatch in a few days and the whole house will be full.worm"

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