Heavy rain in Bavaria swells rivers, but flooding largely avoided – Vienna Central Press Syndicate

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Higher water levels were recorded in Bavaria’s rivers on Saturday, especially in the areas of the smaller southern tributaries to the upper Danube, the Altmühl, on the upper reaches of the Iller and Lech, the tributaries to Lake Constance and in the Inn area, according to the Bavarian flood centre.

However, the rain had so far only caused a few instances of flooding on medium-sized and larger rivers, it said.

The region from Swabia to Lake Constance, the Allgäu and parts of Upper Bavaria were particularly affected by the heavy rainfall.

In some areas, more than 100 litres of rain per square meter fell, while others saw the the usual monthly total.

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However, despite the heavy rainfall, the effects were minor as the drought of the past few months has significantly reduced water levels in most rivers and streams.

The police said no major storm operations had been carried out, but there were a few incidences of aquaplaning in Lower Bavaria, but no-one was seriously hurt.

Other European countries saw severe storms on Thursday and Friday – some with fatal consequences. Five people died in Austria.

And there was more flooding overnight on Friday in Austrian Vorarlberg, which borders Bavaria.

Looking forward to Sunday, individual showers were expected in the south-east and north-west in Germany, according to DWD.

In the north-west, short thunderstorms were possible in the afternoon, but it should otherwise stay mostly dry.

At the start of the week, there could still be occasional rain in Lower Bavaria and Upper Lusatia with heavy clouds moving in from the west on Tuesday with some occasional rainfall.


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