How To Show Or Hide Notification Area In Windows 11/10

If you want to hide system tray or notification area in Windows 11/10/8/7, you can do so using Registry, Group Policy Editor or Ultimate Windows Tweaker.


Hide notification area in Windows 11/10

1]Use of the registry

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Open regedit and navigate to the following registry key


If it does not exist, in the right pane, right click and create a new DWORD, NoTrayItemsDisplay and give it value '1‘.

Restart Explorer.

You will find that the notification area is hidden!

2]Using Group Policy Editor

Hide notification area in Windows 10Hide notification area in Windows 10

You can also show or hide the notification area or the system tray via the Group Policy Editor.

Open gpedit.msc and navigate to:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Hide Notification Area

This setting affects the notification area (formerly known as the "system tray") on the taskbar.

Description: The notification area is located at the far right of the taskbar and includes icons for current notifications and the system clock.

If this setting is enabled, the entire user notification area, including notification icons, is hidden. The taskbar displays only the Start button, taskbar buttons, custom toolbars (if any), and the system clock.

If this setting is disabled or not configured, the notification area appears in the user's taskbar.

Note: Enabling this setting overrides the “Disable notification area cleanup” setting because if the notification area is hidden, there is no need to clean up the icons.

Enable the setting, click Apply and exit.

3]Using the Ultimate Windows Tweaker


Use our free Ultimate Windows Tweaker to remove it in one click!

You will see the setting in Personalization > Taskbar.

Alternatively, you can also use this nifty app Hide system tray to easily hide the notification area.


You need to run it as administrator and it requires .NET Framework v 4.

Of course, why you would want to do that is another question, but the Windows operating system is all about options and it offers that option too!

Hide notification area in Windows 10Hide notification area in Windows 10