Huge decrease in covid cases in Saudi; Fewer than 100 new patients

Riyadh Saudi Arabia, First Published Aug 19, 2022, 7:34 PM IST

Riyadh: The daily number of people infected with covid in Saudi Arabia is less than 100. Only 89 new cases were confirmed in 24 hours. 119 people have recovered from the disease. One death due to covid was also reported within a day. The total number of cases reported in the country so far has reached 8,12,486. The total number of recoveries has increased to 7,99,473.

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The total death toll stands at 9,274. 3,739 patients are undergoing treatment. 65 of them are in critical condition. They are staying in intensive care units in hospitals in different parts of the country. 6,301 RT-PCR tests were performed in 24 hours. Riyadh 24, Jeddah 17, Dammam 9, Madinah, Hufoof 4, Makkah, Albaha 3, Tabuk 2, Taif 2, Abaha 2, Jizan 2, Dhahran 2 and various other places each reported new covid cases in different parts of the country. So far 67,577,413 doses of vaccine have been injected in the country. Of these, 26,828,122 were first doses, 25,237,637 were second doses and 15,511,654 were booster doses.

Professional license mandatory for expatriate technical workers in Saudi Arabia from next year

Riyadh: Professional license for foreign technical workers will be introduced in Saudi Arabia from June 1 next year. The decision rests with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. 81 such technical posts require license. Licensing will be mandatory in all skilled trades.

The license will be granted through a digital platform called 'Baladi'. It can also be renewed after expiry. Licenses are granted after verifying the required educational qualifications, experience and skills of the worker.

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Those who want can complete the training course. If the workers of the establishment fail to obtain the license, the commercial license of such establishments shall not be renewed. The worker must also be licensed to obtain a new license. To overcome such crisis, the Ministry asked the establishment owners to try to get licenses for all the workers immediately.

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