in which state it is most used and how numerous buyers it has in the earth

Starting up a new faculty 12 months or a new working period or whatsoever novelty we want to place into exercise in September 2022. Chances are fantastic that Whatsapp be existing in the aims of this new period. Faculty chats, teams of good friends, messages with colleagues, chats with spouse and children ... and the truth is that 2,000 million buyers close to the earth go a long way.

In accordance to the report data Condition of digital 2021in Spain, WhatsApp has a very significant degree of penetration, the maximum in Europe. Out of 47 million inhabitants, 33 have the app downloaded on their cellular telephones and use it daily. In United Kingdom there are 67 million inhabitants and 30 use WhatsApp. The Italy 60 million out of 35 who use it and in Germany 80 million, even though 48 use Meta's messaging method.

A tour all-around the environment reveals us how its citizens talk with each individual other, even if WhatsApp is always in the Major 3 along with Facebook Messenger and Viber.

Nations around the world with the greatest selection of buyers

  • India: 390 million
  • Brazil: 108 million
  • United States: 75 million
  • Indonesia: 69 million
  • Russia: 65 million
  • Mexico: 63 million
  • Germany: 48 million
  • Italy: 35 million
  • Spain: 33 million
  • United Kingdom: 30 million


Owing to the expansion of WhatsApp, Russia is the region the place this communication method has grown the fastest (17%), albeit just after the invasion of Ukraine communications are much more sophisticated. The India y France it is also a potent futures sector (16.6%), also in States Participated consumes iMessage with 10% yearly progress.

They are shipped each working day 100 billion of messages, 100 times more than in 2011 and double as opposed to 2017. The day by day consumption reaches 38 minutes with 23 visits per day of the application, which will make it the most utilised app on iOS and Android.

S age of WhatsApp are transversal. It would not make a difference if they are younger or old, by some means anyone employs this messaging technique.

Age of WhatsApp customers in Spain

  • 18-24 decades: 100%
  • 25-34 decades: 97%
  • 35-44 yrs: 90%
  • 45-54 years: 82%
  • 55-64: 67%
  • Around 65 several years: 20%

In Holland, 67% of individuals involving 40 and 64 use WhatsApp and in the British isles 42% of people today involving 55 and 64, percentages that boost when the age is lessen.