'Influencer' says that she is going to have a baby from Anuel AA and sends a message to Yailin

It seems that day by day things are becoming a little more complicated in the life of Anuel AA and, above all, in his marriage to Yailin 'the most viral', Well, the truth is that rumors have been heard for some time that the couple is in a divorce process.

Although neither of them has confirmed said information nor has it denied it, the truth is that it has been their fans who have followed the trail of the couple and have noticed something strange between them, because the publications together were very constant before. in their social networks and recently this has not happened, in fact, The Dominican did not accompany the musician in an autograph signing with the Reebok brand, in which her son Pablo was.

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And it is that, the issue of children seems to be quite delicate for the singer, because for now he has two, the eldest of 9 years, Pablo and the little one who was born recently, although she does not He has officially presented it and it is unknown if he has responded as a father since it was the product of an affair with a model.

While he is immersed in problems with his children and apparently with his wife, a new accusation comes up against the singer, since it has been Roxana, a 'TikToker', who has claimed to be expecting a Puerto Rican baby.

The news would have been given by the content creator through a live show that she did to communicate the information to her followers, confessing that she had some encounters with Anuel, in which video calls were highlighted that finally ended in her becoming pregnant.

"Actually with all those video calls I got pregnant, I know this is strong and I shouldn't be saying it, but I got pregnant... We're going to be parents with Anuel, I'm super happy", Roxana commented on the 'live', where They told him that what he was saying was a lie and he denied it.

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The girl is not going to give it to Yailin, but me ", were the words used by the 'influencer' when she let herself be seen quite happy. It should be clarified that for now the sex of the baby is unknown, but the woman assures that her mother's feeling tells her that she will be a girl.

However, Internet users have not believed in what happened and have only made fun of her, since the woman has not given details of her supposed romance with Anuel and above all they have made fun of her saying that They were on video calls and they don't understand how she got pregnant.

“I am also pregnant with all the actors I have seen on TV”, “Bad Bunny I am going to make a video call to have your child”, “I did not know that you could get pregnant by video call”, “better acting than in the rose of Guadalupe”, are some of the comments from users.

For now, the artist has not commented on what happened, as many say it was a joke of the content creator for her incoherence in the story, but she assures that everything she has told is real.

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