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Issue Migrant Television: the new YouTube channel that interviews migrants in the region | the newspaper

Leroy Gutiérrez and Adhemar Cereño.  Photo: Ernesto Ryan

Leroy Gutiérrez and Adhemar Cereño.

Image: Ernesto Ryan

posted on September 3, 2022

Equality is sought in phrases of the region of origin and gender of these who discuss, and talks about id, media, gender and adolescence, between other matters.

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Study by April Medros.

Leroy Gutiérrez, a Venezuelan-born ebook publisher, captured a textual content on the facade of the Pinches Artistas laboratory in Ciudad Vieja that begins: “Sir, madam, you who go through this may possibly question: what or who is a migrant? recognized? ". It was April 2021 when Gutiérrez ironically explained to any individual passing through Cerrito and Ituzaingó how to discover a man or woman from one more state, someone who at initially glance could not be distinctive. The text was signed by Migrant Topic, pseudonym that allowed the writer to remain anonymous and would lay the groundwork for ...

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