It's scary what happens at Lake Balaton in the evening

Heavy thunderstorms will approach Lake Balaton from the southwest on Friday evening. In the extremely unstable atmosphere, winds exceeding 100 km/h, hail and downpours are expected from the rapidly developing thunderstorm cells, said Ákos Horváth, head of the Siófok observatory, to HírBalaton.

As a result of the stormy wind hitting the lake, the water starts to become "dusty", which can pose a serious danger to those in the water, the meteorologist warned.

He said that in some areas where the precipitation will be particularly intense, flash floods can also be expected, as the dried vegetation cannot hold the falling precipitation.

As a result of the hot air masses of African origin, the air temperature will rise to 36-37 degrees on Friday, but the fourth heat wave of this year is expected to end with the evening storm.

It is worth paying close attention to the storm warning system on Lake Balaton, the second-degree signal issued late in the afternoon on Friday will warn of a strong storm, he pointed out.

Less precipitation is expected from Saturday afternoon, the maximum temperature will only be around 26 degrees, and there is a chance that the fireworks can also be held in the resort region. Rainfall can be expected again in the area from Sunday afternoon.

Opening photo: MTI/Tamás Vasvári