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▲ The Tiananmen incident has become a terrific way to stop piracy in China. (Image / Excerpt from Twitter)

The illustration trade web site "pixiv" from Japan was released in 2007 and quite a few creators from all-around the earth will interact and talk on the system. Just lately, however, some Japanese users found that the Chinese pirate web-site "vpixiv" was continually republishing general public pixiv information, so they incorporated "Tiananmen Incident" in the knowledge. Unexpectedly, the pirated webpage was paralyzed.

▲ A Japanese painter bundled in the data the "Tiananmen Incident", which induced the paralysis of Chinese pirated websites (Photo / Extract from Twitter)

Japanese user @ sirowanko1 posted on Twitter and uncovered that vpixiv employed Google search to steal public material from pixiv and, irrespective of whether it was illustrations, comics or novels, would automatically translate the title and introduction into simplified Chinese. .

Of training course, he couldn't bear to see his hard get the job done stolen - the creator to start with established the operate to 18 bans to stop theft, then utilized Chinese anti-theft methods to insert "Tiananmen Incident" into the info. Before long immediately after, I uncovered that my pirated web page was not able to connect.

Just after the news broke, the pixiv creators adopted fit, introducing words that the bash does not like this sort of as "Taiwan independence" or "Tiananmen Square of June 4" in their biographies, small business presentations and keywords and phrases. At existing, the server of the pirated internet site vpixiv has been paralyzed. Some netizens believe that that the party's treatment prompted the web page to go straight away. Some others pointed out that the web site could not stand owing to the pilgrimage of a large quantity of netizens. The actual reason is unfamiliar.