José Luis Gavidia: "They messed with the most precious thing I have, my children" | Ministry of Defense RMMN | POLITICS

It broke. Joseph Louis Gavidiawho resigned from the position of Minister of Defense on Wednesday, August 17 and who is still carrying out his work two days later, questioned the complaints and investigations initiated against him and his family.

Speaking to the press after participating in an acknowledgment of the soldiers who participated in the 'Patriota' operation, Gavidia burst into tears, stating that the accusations against his family were due to his decision to become a minister.

MIRA: José Luis Gavidia participates in recognition for operation 'Patriota' after his resignation

“They messed with my family, with my daughter, with my wife. They messed with the most precious thing I have, my children. Do you think that is normal? For coming to work, that they mess with my daughter, with my wife, for that? They have destroyed my soul”assured.

José Luis Gavidia questioned investigations against him and his family. (N-Channel)

Against José Luis Gavidia, there is an investigation in the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation for alleged irregularities in having traveled in an official commission to the provinces with his daughters.

To this is added a preliminary investigation in the First Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Corruption Crimes of Lima Officials for the hiring of Verónica Gavidia Rodríguez, daughter of former Defense Minister José Gavidia Arrascue, in the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor).

“That is the price I have to pay for having come to serve my country. Because we like that, destroy. Do you think that's normal, that it's fair that they do that to me, that they do that to my family? My daughter has been working for six years, she studied in Italy and Switzerland, she has a master's degree in Switzerland”he pointed.

The outgoing Minister of Defense assured that he had no knowledge of the modality by which his wife and daughter had been working in the State.

“Never for the soul of my father have I used any influence before anyone. They alone have traced their work and their destiny and I have cut them off for having come to serve my country. That's what hurts me the most."he concluded.


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