Just after his disaster with Myriam Fares .. Fares Karam Latifa: Your story honors me

distance war of text Between him and his compatriot Myriam Fares, due to an creative ceremony with the participation of Latifa Al-Tunis, the Lebanese artist Fares Karam despatched a message to the artist Latifa Al-Tunis comprehensive of appreciation and love.

And on Friday night time he tweeted on his Twitter web page: "You are a terrific artist and you are the sweet fifty percent of my heart and dear to me.

In change, the proprietor replied: "I like you in love" and wrote: "I appreciate you very a great deal and respect you pretty considerably. Could God aid you in your existence, shield you and your household and make you thriving in your small business, my like ", accompanied by a pink heart emoji.

This tweet arrived a number of days later A ferocious disaster of statements concerning Fares Karam and Myriam FaresThe owner of "The Just one who shorts the skirt" uncovered that the proprietor of "I and the Shawq" refused to sing Tunisian singer Latifa at a joint concert for them through the Jeddah period.

Karam reported, "I never want to be great, I want a superior lady, and I have neither taken nor presented ..."

"an acid psyche"

The story started with an ad for a get together that will include both equally of them in the "Season of Jeddah", which Karam objected to following showing in a size lesser than Miriam, forcing him to retire, until the generation firm determined. to postpone the party.

When Fares was requested about Miriam's words that there is no require for the disaster, and that the motive does not involve it, he replied describing it in Lebanese dialect as a "psychological acidifier", as he set it.

To make matters worse, the owner of "Me and Al-Shawq" replied to a reporter who requested her to comment on the crisis, and she replied that she was astonished, in particular considering that she was the one who nominated Fares Karam to go to the occasion. .

Fares replied again with a tweet through Twitter, concerning his words and phrases: "Those who were ashamed are useless", indicating that his creative tale does not have to have any person to identify him for the holiday seasons, noting that the artist was dashing. in the previous to just take shots with him, expressing, "I like to remind you of the days when you sang. With the bows and jogging, you can imagine with me at the end of the evening."

enchantment to the court

In change, the Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, threatened her compatriot and fellow singer, Fares Karam, to go to the judiciary simply because of what she regarded as "insults" to the final, as a result of her Twitter account.

Interestingly, a wide controversy erupted on social media adhering to the crisis of Fares Karam and Myriam Fares, amid requests from the community to finish it and not to allow these challenges come out in the open or via social media.