Lauterbach gives hope "This is the end" – when will Corona be over?

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Created: 08/21/2022, 06:12 am

Von: Jennifer Koellen


Lauterbach (right) and Baerbock: The Minister of Health commented on Twitter when the pandemic will end. © Florian Gaertner/imago

Karl Lauterbach predicts on Twitter when Corona will finally be over. A special vaccine could do that. But when is he coming?

Berlin – Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is part of the “Team Caution” when it comes to corona policy. He keeps emphasizing that. The Federal Minister of Health is currently holding back with optimistic statements, warning of a difficult autumn. Lauterbach has now made unusually positive comments on the media service Twitter – at the end of the corona pandemic. So when will Corona finally be over?

Lauterbach gives hope on Twitter: "This is the end" – when will Corona be over

The Minister of Health sees the solution in broadly effective, new vaccines.

Lauterbach wrote on Twitter: "Many are wondering: does Corona never end? When is endemic coming? Not this fall, there is no way without effective protective measures. But in the long term, vaccines will come that protect against many variants and infections. I assume: that's the end." In his contribution, the Minister of Health referred to the scientist Eric Topol, who, also on Twitter, had complained about the lack of attention to nasal vaccines currently being developed in the form of nasal sprays against Corona.

In his tweet, Karl Lauterbach shared a list of nasal vaccines that scientist Eric Topol also shared on Twitter. Many scientists see nasal vaccines as the end of the pandemic. But why?

End of Corona: When will the Corona pandemic end?

But why could nasal vaccines against Corona, which are currently being developed, end the pandemic? The reason: Nasal vaccines could prevent an infection entirely. Current vaccines by injection are not yet able to do this. Nasal vaccines produce some mucosal immunity in the nose. This could prevent an infection, because the virus first affects the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Corona could no longer spread - that would be the end of the pandemic.

When will the corona pandemic end? When will the nasal vaccines be available?

So nasal spray vaccines are the big hope right now.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eight nasal spray vaccines were in the clinical trials phase as early as May mdr reported. Five of them have already reached Phase 3, which is crucial for approval, in which a vaccine is tested on thousands of test subjects. Sounds promising. But why aren't they approved yet?

Because you have to be extremely careful with the side effects. "The proximity of the nasal mucosa to the brain could lead to dangerous neurological side effects," he said mdr the explorers. A nasal spray vaccine against the flu developed 20 years ago would have led to temporary facial paralysis in some patients. This means that the scientists have to test the nasal vaccines very carefully for possible risks to humans before they can be approved. Exactly when that will be cannot yet be foreseen. One thing is certain: the end of the pandemic is in sight.