Le Comalal was the maximum price of the Haras La Valkiria Annual Auction

In Recreo (Santa Fé) the sale of the establishment of the Farioli family took place.

The 2020 products of Haras La Valkiria were sold with great success, obtaining very good values. The Comalal (Le Blues), was the maximum price of the day, being acquired by Mr. Moncada for $2,500,000. Second place on the podium went to Skronos (Falling Sky), for which Stud El Aljibe bid up to $2,200,000. Below are the prices of the 2020 products.

The Chardinal -h- (Falling Sky – Charizard) $1.700.000.

The Comalal -h- (The Blues - Without Love) $ 2,500,000 Moncada.

Skronos -m- (Falling Sky – Sweet Wisdom) $2.200.000 Stud El Aljibe.

Aquiman -m- (Que Vida Buena – Buena y Aquit) $2,600,000.

Catch The Leaf -m- (Falling Sky – Sandals) $2.700.000 Pellegrini.

La Katana -h- (Hat Ninja – Catch The Roma) $1.700.000 Amer.

Scuente -h- (Falling Sky – Storm Indy) $2.000.000 Fernandez.

Skonberry -m- (Falling Sky – Bounceberry) $1,000,000 Regueiro.

Sash -m- (Falling Sky – My Little Barbie) $1.250.000 De Diego.

Skorpiana -h- (Falling Sky – Burg Mulish) $1.250.000 Bruno.

School -m- (Falling Sky – Some) $1.150.000 Aracau.

Yorkdeiro -m- (Falling Sky – Visa Deyra) $1,350,000 The Source.

Celtiana -h- (Got Talent – Celtic Circle) $775.000 Garat.

lover -m- (Falling Sky – She Is Love) $800.000 Moncada.

Skallado -m- (Falling Sky – Calle Florida) $1.000.000 Alteño.

Misfit Sky -h- (Falling Sky – The Manipulator) $850,000.

Skymotor -m- (Falling Sky – Motor Woman) $500.000 Falero.

Skoronada -h- (Falling Sky – His Reign) $800,000 Emiliano.

Clear Rules -m- (Got Talent – Rule Of Thumb) $500.000 Balandi.

Nebula Sky -h- (Falling Sky – Miss Embajadora) $400.000 Walter.