Leica Launches First Laser TV 'Leica Cine 1' | HYPEBEAST.KR

German camera brand Leicaunveiled the brand's first laser TV, 'Cine 1'. Leica's Cine 1, which has challenged the large TV and home cinema markets, is a 4K image quality ultra-close-up laser projector that utilizes its proprietary triple RGB laser technology to realize bright and vivid color expression and resolution. In addition, Dolby Atmos speakers are combined to provide surround sound. It also offers over 25,000 hours of playback time.

Another thing to pay attention to is the design.. The product consists of an aluminum body and an automatic dust cover system that protects the lens., The iconic Leica Red Dot logo has also been added.. cine 1also considers energy efficiency. As mentioned earlier, Triple in product RGB Laser technology was used., This is the most OLED TVRequires lower energy consumption. sales are 2023It will be held from, expected price 80inch 6cloth9yard100inch 7cloth9known as one hundred dollars.