'Marriage with Go Woo-rim' Kim Yuna, 217 pyeong second house re-illuminated... “Construction directly involved”

Photo = Screen capture of Mnet's 'TMI NEWS SHOW' broadcast

The 'Second House' of former figure skater Yuna Kim, who announced her marriage to Forestella member Ko Woo-rim in October, was re-examined.

In the recently broadcast Mnet 'TMI NEWS SHOW', 'Best 10 second houses coveted by stars' was covered.

On this day's 'Second House', 8th place was occupied by Yuna Kim's Second House located in Gapyeong.

According to the broadcast, Yuna Kim purchased a land of 217 pyeong in December 2014 and completed the villa in 2016. In particular, it is known that Yuna Kim's second house is a three-story building, with a parking lot on the first floor and a house on the second and third floors. In addition, he is known to have shown enthusiasm, such as directly participating in the construction, and it is known that this place is Kim Yuna's 'shelter'.

Local officials speculated that the reason for Yuna Kim's second house in Gapyeong was "Gapyeong is adjacent to Seoul and is the best resort with mountains and rivers."

In addition, the area attracted attention as it is known that privacy protection is good enough that there are villas for owners of large corporations.

Kang Min-sun, an online news reporter mingtung@segye.com

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