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MELISSA'S MOM SPEAKS OUT. Celia Rodriguez, the mother of Melissa Paredesused his social networks to send a couple of messages after the news of the alleged pregnancy of Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba. And although it is not known if he was referring to them, the drivers of "A day at the mall" put several theories on the table.

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“Good people have something that cannot be bought, a clear conscience”says one of the stories shared by the actress's parent through her official Instagram account, “I think that maybe she is saying it because of the pregnancy, I do think it is too soon for Ale to have become pregnant, but at the end of the day they are adults and they are not harming anyone”, referred Andrea Arana. “They should not have a dirty conscience”added Valeria Florez.

On the other hand, they read the second message from Melissa Paredes' mother, which carries the same reflective tone. “Learn to look not at what people say, but at what they do." said the lady Celia Rodriguez.

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“There I could say 'look at the Cat, all the trouble he has caused Melissa, and he already impregnated Ale so soon, wasn't he hurt?'... I feel that he can take it that way, but the disappointment he had the Cat at the time made Melissa go off his radar "Andrea commented.

Celia Rodríguez would have indirectly referred to the recent pregnancy of Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba.


Celia Rodriguezthe mother of Melissa Paredeswas consulted by Amor y Fuego about the difficult situation she is going through as she cannot be close to her granddaughter, the daughter of Rodrigo Cuba. Although she did not want to talk about the controversy surrounding the actress and her ex-husband's family, she issued a strong warning.

“I would love to answer you and you don't know how or how much, but I can't for the sake of my granddaughter, I can't. I would love to, there will be a time, don't worry ", she said when she was approached by telephone by a reporter from the Rodrigo González program.


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