Mick Boromwut reveals that the family has problems after Benz Pornchita studied psychology (clip)

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3 Sep. 2022 16:14

Famous couples like young actors are in a good mood. Mick Boromwut and actress - female host Benz Pornchita Reveals a YouTube clip "The family almost got into trouble! When Mick's father sends his wife to study perm | MickBenz And The Babies EP34” on YouTube channel MickBenzChannel

which in this clip Benz Pornchita Why did you go to study psychology? by saying that really It's called learning how to take care of children. How to manage your own child When there are many people when they fight, they don't know how to deal with it. It's like we just have to take a step back. Listen to the child until the end of what happened just now. But it doesn't mean that we can do it at all. It's difficult. I don't think the same. Sometimes Mick wants to be fierce.

Mick after listening to it sighed. Benz teased that he sighed loudly. before saying that he would feel why not scolding Why didn't you say this? At this point, Mick said that Benz went to school. I said that I never supported It came back like there was a psychologist in the house. I hate it so much. Home is not home. Say it. Benz asks why. Mick said that he wanted to ask everyone in the house after going to school. Come back to have a feeling like this. before imitating Benz Said that when I went to school it should be like this.

Mick also said that the theory But each house is not the same. cannot be used together have to adjust But Benz took it hard, simply. One day, he yelled at his mother. We walked over. Prim stopped right now. Sorry, Mom. We saw Benz. Why didn't you scold you? came in and plugged in Because we do not allow our children to be children with bad habits.

But mom came in a hurry Wait, father...we have to listen to you first. What mood are you in? I'm angry, right? Explain, but in Mick's corner If you make a mistake, you must be fierce. Then explain. Say it. Benz's going to this class has caused family problems. I almost bowed my feet to leave school. The latest is here again Signed up for another course.

Benz said that this is the third one, the first one is the extraction of points about the ball. how to raise children To get to know the children more. The second one learns what kind of person we are. How to be with other people who are not like us I used to like to win. It will be a line of not saying what should be said. Now I know when to say what to whom.

The staff asked how to talk to her husband after class. Mick admits that this is better, speaks better, tells what kind of person we are. The only thing I thought in my mind is that I don't have to go to school and I already know the habits of Mick. I've been in a relationship for 18 to 20 years, but thanks to the course, when I go to school, he understands. But the question is that it's not the wrong course, it's wrong that they have been together for 20 years. We have to go to school to understand how we are. Considered that the course was worth it. But other courses that have already been paid come back to fight and feel that it is not worth it.

But Benz insisted that he had to study again. because they still can't manage their children for everyone to see Mick even said that Before going to school, I never had any problems at home. But when I go to school, I have problems. Become pushing to be diligent that will have to achieve the problem. So how do we beat everyone? Will this go to the end? Benz said no more arguing. before laughing and saying that the argument won't win Mick asks if you want to take the next course, consult first. As for the course that just went down, let's see if it's better or not. If not better enough.