More people now watch streaming services than cable TV

According to a new report van msheet analysis company Nielsen streaming services in the US have gained more viewers than cable TV for the first time. It is now the most popular way to watch television.

The revolution has been anticipated by analysts for years, but has now become a reality. Streaming accounted for 34.8 percent of viewers in July, compared to 34.4 percent for cable TV. Terrestrial television is in third place, with a share of 21.6 percent.

It is striking that streaming has still grown strongly compared to last year. During the global lockdowns of 2020, people were stuck at home, so they watched much more Netflix, Disney+ and other services. During April of that year, a record was reached at the time, with 169.9 billion minutes watched per week.

Now that record has been broken, despite the end of the COVID measures. According to Nielsen, Americans watched streaming services for 190.9 billion minutes a week in July.

Total viewers the same

According to Nielsen, this can mainly be explained by the large amount of content that streaming services pump out. That while television channels have less business to broadcast during the summer. Especially the sports world is flat during the cucumber season. In addition, viewers can choose from more and more streaming services.

The survey also shows that the number of total viewers has not increased. People would have simply migrated from cable to streaming. A side note that should be made, however, is that Nielsen only monitors data from television sets and that figures from viewers who use smartphones or tablets are not included.

Finally, Nielsen also shows which streaming platforms are the most popular. The frontrunner is still Netflix, with about 8 percent of the total share. But the competition isn't bad either: YouTube has a 7.3 percent share, Hulu 3.6 percent and Amazon Prime is used by 3 percent of all viewers.