Muhammad Abdul Rahman: My mother called her a “talisman”... and I couldn't make her upset

The artist spoke Mohamed Abdelrahman “Tota” about the recent health crisis during which he underwent open heart surgery, explaining that the public’s support was the most important reason for his recovery and overcoming this difficult ordeal.

“Abd al-Rahman” explained during his dialogue on the “With You, Mona El-Shazly” program, which is presented by the media, Mona El-Shazly, on Al-Shazly channel. cbcThis evening, the public's love was a reason for healing, saying: "I felt a lot of love from people, which I could not imagine... so they don't deserve me to tell them any need in which there is pain. I saw an amount of love and prayers, thank God, Lord.. I kept saying all countries." They love me.. Psychologically, this is a very difference with me.. This has changed, of course, the support of friends in the middle, who are really people.”

And about his habits that changed after the operation, “Tota” explained that the time for walking became “sacred” in his day, although in the past he did not do so, adding: “I was one of the enemies of walking, and I discovered that walking is the only sport that we laugh at our body with. Very easily, I now stay daily for an hour, except for a quarter of a walk.. Of course, eating lightly. I originally love boiled.

He continued: "I had 3 clogged arteries, meaning one was dead.. Praise be to God and health in the world, praise be to God.. the generosity of our Lord and the love of people are the ones who straightened the one."

On the other hand, Muhammad Abdel Rahman talked about his relationship with his mother, and that he asks for prayers from her daily, saying: “Before any job, my mother must pray for me.. I must pray for me every day.. in a famous invitation to her. You always pray for me and say (May God make our face and your face a jewel, and our tongue and your tongue sugar).