My goodness! 12 Key faculty students of Cianjur positively uncovered to HIV / AIDS Why? Secretary of the District AIDS Fee (KPA) CianjurHilman verified that there have been dozens of HIV / AIDS constructive elementary university students in Cianjur Regency.

From the most up-to-date knowledge cited by Hilman, ben 12 elementary college pupils Cianjur's are HIV / AIDS favourable. The result in is thought to be thanks to the publicity of his parents.

With these conclusions, the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) quickly took motion to handle the cases of these conclusions.

The regular age of learners exposed to the HIV / AIDS virus is amongst 10 and 12 decades or individuals attending the fifth and sixth grade.

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“There are 12 learners with HIV / AIDS who are unfold across a number of elementary schools in Cianjur Regency. They were exposed to them by their moms and dads, "Hilman said, Thursday (8/31/2022).

Hilman explained that after getting a VCT exam or voluntary exam for their mother and father, it was discovered that elementary college pupils had contracted the deadly virus.

"Most of the uncovered learners ended up orphans due to the fact their mom and dad experienced also died of HIV / AIDS and some of them were economically disadvantaged kids," Hilman reported.

In addition to making sure the source of medications that should be eaten on a regular basis, KPA Cianjur is on the lookout to raise cash to assist fork out for their tuition and living necessities.

"I am really grateful that there are inhabitants who are keen to assistance frequently, both fiscal aid and day by day wants, such as food packages," claimed Hilman.

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The college students didn't know if it was constructive. Nonetheless, I am still in excellent health.

"HIV / AIDS is not dangerous as long as there are no congenital ailments and an harmful life style," he concluded.

In the meantime, System Supervisor KPA Cianjur RegencySilmi Kaffah, stated there was an boost in HIV / AIDS cases in excess of the past 12 months in the Cianjur regency.

The details shows that the raise reached 119 patients in 2022.

"All over 2021 there will be 109 men and women. By now only 50 % of the range has reached 119 people today, and it is expected that it will go on to grow right up until the finish of the yr," defined Silmi.