News 24 | He was transferred to intensive care and underwent surgery.. Details of a student’s assault on a classmate in a school in Riyadh

An 11-year-old boy suffered a skull fracture and internal bleeding, after his classmate threw him on the head at the end of school hours (last Tuesday), and then entered the intensive care unit.

In the details, the child's mother, Osama Al-Ghamdi, told "Akhbar 24" that her son, who is studying in the fifth grade at Al-Badi'ah Primary School in the Tuwaiq neighborhood in Riyadh, asked his colleague, who was appointed by the teacher as a class leader, to go to the bathroom, but his colleague met him with refusal and then carried him from behind. and put him to the ground; He lost consciousness and suffered a fractured skull and bleeding.

She added that the teacher and the school administration did not call an ambulance, "but they wiped the traces of blood from my son's mouth, and they never told me about the incident," but she learned through the mothers' WhatsApp group.

She indicated that she contacted the school principal to ask him about what happened, and whether her son had convulsions, epilepsy or lost consciousness, and he told her that nothing of what she mentioned happened, and advised her to take Osama to the hospital to check on him.

And she added that she immediately transferred her son to King Salman Hospital, and tests showed that he suffered from a fractured skull and internal bleeding, and the hospital requested a quick evacuation to Al-Shumaisi Hospital, and they re-do the CT scan for the second time within only 7 hours.

Osama's mother stated that her son underwent surgery this morning (Saturday), and that his health condition is stable in intensive care, noting that the child who abuses her son often complains about his classmates, "because he is affected by electronic combat games and their application to children."

A student assaulted a classmate in a school in RiyadhA student assaulted a classmate in a school in RiyadhA student assaulted a classmate in a school in Riyadh