Nightmare in the kitchen - "He doesn't know his age?", "it starts well": this sentence caused hilarity among Internet users

This phrase from the manager made Internet users laugh

This Thursday, September 1, M6 is broadcasting a new episode of Cauchemar en cuisine. Direction a restaurant on the port of Ouistreham, in Normandy, where Philippe Etchebest arrives to straighten the establishment. But the presentation of one of the characters made Internet users wince and made them particularly laugh.

It's back to school for everyone and also for Philippe Etchebest who is embarking on a brand new mission: to set up a restaurant in Normandy, in Ouistreham. This new episode of Nightmare in the kitchen, on M6, is not easy: chef Etchebest has his work cut out for him. Indeed, he is well aware of the problems and this, from the beginning.

While he has already placed an order, Marine, the waitress, informs him of the many missing dishes. First problem: there is no fish on the menu, although the restaurant is on the port. Once the dishes have arrived, the taste is not there and Philippe Etchebest makes it known. Quickly, Navy break down and cry. The bosses are Fanny and her brother, Dieva. They called the chef because the restaurant is going bankrupt. Fanny is desperate: she has put all her savings into this restaurant and they only serve 10 or 15 covers per week. In an attempt to make a profit, she has to work 7 days a week, without any breaks. Moreover, the understanding with his brother Dieva is getting worse day by day.

The minute of Philippe Etchebest

When Philippe Etchebest goes to the kitchen, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. All products are frozen and not much is homemade. "I understand why customers have deserted," he says. But despite the catastrophic side of this beginning of the program, it is a sentence from Dieva, one of the managers, which marked the Internet users. Indeed, while we are only at the presentations and everyone gives their name and age, Dieva says she is in her forties and “no longer knows exactly” her exact age. A statement that made Twitter particularly laugh, which did not hesitate to point out this passage.

A bad relationship between brother and sister

Philippe Etchebest put his finger on the main problem of this restaurant: the relationship between the two managers, brother and sister. Fanny seems particularly affected by the deterioration of their relationship, a consequence of their difficulties in working together without conflict. "My brother often tells me that I suck, that I won't be able to take it, it's every day," she explains. Dieva, he is very critical with his entire team, on which he puts the fault: "You are unable to manage the service."

However, after an evening of service, chef Etchebest realizes that the problem comes from the managers, and not necessarily from the cook Quentin or the waitress Marine who do not hesitate to give their all. Internet users remain particularly critical with Dieva, but were still affected by the passage where they are confronted with their relationship problems. A moving moment when tears rose for Fanny but also for Dieva. The twittos could not remain unmoved by this overflowing emotion.

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