On the first day of school for his children, Wu Zun personally took the school bus... He was caught and enrolled in a famous school with "tuition exceeding one million yuan" | Entertainment | CTWANT

Artist Wu Zun used to debut with the men's group "Fahrenheit". Recently, he has shifted his focus to mainland China. He has daughter NeiNei and son Max, and moved to Shanghai with his family in mid-March. He revealed today (2nd) that the child has started school, and PO sent 2 babies to take the school bus. It turned out that they were studying in a star school, and the tuition for one school year exceeded one million.

In Wu Zun's Douyin PO video, you can see that his children are ready to take the school bus after breakfast. He admits that he was very nervous on the first day of school, and Max kept blowing kisses and waving by the window, very reluctant to part. In fact, this is the first time for NeiNei and Max to go to school in China. He admitted that he was a little worried and reluctant, but he felt that the children were brave and would be a great growth experience. He shouted: "Dad and mother will always support with you."

Wu Zun's children started school today. (Photo / Retrieved from Wu Zun’s Douyin)

The first day of class ended successfully. Wu Zun also revealed that his children were very nervous before going to school, but they began to look forward to and excited when they came back, which made him praise: "The ability to adapt is really strong."

Netizens left messages one after another, "You don't have to be nervous to meet new friends on the first day", "Come on, little ones", "The genes are so good, the children are so good-looking", "Cultivated family", "Two babies" Super cute" and "the happiest family". In addition, some people recognized at a glance that Wu Zun’s children attended the Yew Chung International School of Shanghai. It is understood that the tuition fee for one academic year is as high as 200,000 to 300,000 yuan (about 890,000 to 1.33 million Taiwan dollars), and the tuition fee for 2 children Just over 2.6 million.