Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung transfer… Teacher Bong-Doo Yoo vs Student Jun-Ha Jung Snowball Fight (What do you do when you play?)

Teacher Yoo Bong-doo's unique school class unfolds.
In the MBC entertainment program 'What do you do when you play?' (directed by Park Chang-hoon, Kim Jin-yong, Jang Woo-seong, Wang Jong-seok, Shin Hyun-bin/writer Choi Hye-jeong), which was broadcast on September 3, Mr. The exciting new semester of Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung is drawn.

The released photos show the class children participating in various classes prepared by Yoo Bong-doo, such as singing a nursery rhyme, writing a picture diary, and waltzing. It is the back door that the laughter did not cease throughout the class, where each individual could get a glimpse of their individuality and sense of entertainment.

The children recreated and sang the nursery rhyme in their own style to the accompaniment of Lee Mi-joo's windpipe. Bong-Doo Yu drew attention by making more exciting dance moves than his students. It is said that the children followed the teacher and released their original dance moves according to the lyrics, raising curiosity about what kind of ingenious dance movement was born.

The presentation of the picture diary containing the happiest moment continued. Jung Jun-ha, who is serious about painting, drew a lot of anger from his friends by drawing at a slow pace. Bong-doo Yoo is admiring the mature expressive power of children who are not elementary school students, and attention is focused on what kind of picture diaries the children must have drawn.

Above all, the waltz time, where you can feel the bloodthirsty, is already causing laughter. The children showed the unity of madness to the rhythm of 'Kung Clap Clap Kung Clap Clap'. In addition, the sudden confrontation between teacher Yoo Bong-doo and student Jung Jun-ha stimulates curiosity about the situation. It airs every evening at 6:25 PM.

Hyeyoung Kim / Photo courtesy of MBC