PlayStation is absent from Tokyo Game Show again, and the show has disappeared all year | 4Gamers

The Tokyo Game Show, Asia's annual video game festival, is set to take place on September 15-18, but it appears that PlayStation is absent again.

Recently, the official website of the Tokyo Game Show has released the content of the live broadcast. All the major manufacturers participating this time have joined the ranks, and together they have enriched the live broadcast lineup for four days, even including the Xbox. The content displayed in the field, but only the PlayStation.


Although the booth map of this year's Tokyo Game Show has not yet been released, it is already on the eve of the launch. SIE is not in the list of "general exhibitions", and the only thing I see is the "Indie Game Corner" exhibition area that focuses on independent games. , so many foreign media have affirmed that PS has withdrawn from this Tokyo Game Show, and only related funded independent games will be exhibited.

After two years of the epidemic, major events this year have gradually returned to normal, including Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show returning to physical exhibitions, but Sony has been absent from the three major international video game exhibitions this year, including E3, Gamescom, and Tokyo Game Show.

This is actually not good for PlayStation's image. Because Nintendo has set the tone not to participate in the Tokyo Game Show for many years, and the hard work of Xbox in the Japanese market, the Tokyo Game Show has always been the home of the PS, but now even the home court has given up its momentum. The announcement of State of Play, which is all converted to its own, shows that even though the official continues to claim that PS5 sales are fast, it is obvious that the profit is not as good as before, and the attitude of saving money is quite obvious.