Powerful words and phrases that run with the "Coronary heart on the platform" marketing campaign

The "Heart on the platform" party of Poetry Times gathers the public both equally in Latvia and overseas.

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Diana Jance, "Kultūrzīmes", JSC "Latvijas Mediji"

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On September 9th at 7:00 pm, it will be 12 yrs due to the fact the start of the Poetry Days celebration "Coronary heart on the platform" at the Tukuma teach station.

Many others ARE At present Examining

At initially it was Tukums, then various other cities in Latvia joined, then Iceland, Norway, The us, Australia and even Japan.

This calendar year, the campaign will consider place in at least 30 locations in Latvia and 14 other international locations all-around the planet, and is committed to peace and Ukraine.

"Kultūrzīme" spoke with the writer of the campaign idea and one of the organizers, the author GUNA ROZI. Originally, Guna was the major organizer, but as the campaign grew, Latvian coordinator Ieva Jurga from Tukum, diaspora curator Lelde Vikmane from France and lots of many others arrived to assist.

- It really is amazing how the countryside has spread and grown above the yrs - throughout cities, towns, even continents ...

Guna Roze: "We study poetry at the same time: text of electricity are more efficient when spoken alongside one another."

Advertising and marketing image (Matīsa Markovska).

G. Rose: - He actually shocked me way too. In 2011, we asked Tukuma: How to bring people to Poetry Times activities? Even far more: how to get them to examine poems by themselves ...

We assumed we necessary an casual a person, we understood that the common mix no for a longer time will work - microphone, room, phase, poet, applause ... This is how the shape came to us - folks gathered at Tukuma educate station read through what they want, read through jointly.

For the to start with time the readings took place in the waiting around home and we were not numerous. Apparently, even the very first time youthful people came and even those people who arrived to purchase tickets or had just arrived joined - they sat and listened to poems ...

I bear in mind we experienced set absent the poetry books, they would go by way of them, locate a thing they favored and study it. It was great!

- Why did you continue to keep selecting to read poetry at the station on the platform?

- The poem can also be read through at bus stops - everywhere you go there is no railroad, but folks want to take part. Roadways, railways link in a single bloodstream, like a network of poetry all more than the entire world.

In addition, poetry meetings were being also held in close proximity to railways overrun by vegetation, even in previous and abandoned stations. The sensation of unity, the traces that unite us, lead someplace and have led somewhere, are necessary.

The railway and the station generate a absolutely free and democratic atmosphere, similar to the current market and the sauna. There are no stops in the stations and stops, buses and taxis, we are made use of to the reality that in these locations the fantastic strangers are likely to communicate to each individual other.

And so it takes place.

- What purpose does the affiliation of Tukuma writers enjoy now, already in the twelfth yr of the occasion?

- We are nonetheless the cash of the countryside, the epicenter, and now we monitor the entire earth.

It can be stated that we have a "Coronary heart on the Platform" depot in Tukuma.

The promotion poster reveals a globe surrounded by a golden ribbon in the condition of a heart, and if you seem intently, the coronary heart itself is in Latvia and, in our opinion, in Tukum.

- Exactly where will you go through poetry this time?

- I have to be at "Tukums 1" station - there is no selection, since the live broadcast will choose position from there. But I definitely like the "Bridge to Nowhere", it is around Tukums, in the parish of Irlava. I have been learning there for two years.

After upon a time, in advance of the Second Planet War, the development of the Tukums-Kuldīga railway was created, but the project was not carried out. Only the bridge that was crafted at the stage where the railway was intended to cross Abava is left, it is now a UNESCO cultural heritage site. There, at minimum in Kurzeme, there are certainly the most beautiful sunsets.

Folks have gathered at the bridge considering the fact that 2017.

- This calendar year "Heart on the platform" is dedicated to Ukraine.

- Each calendar year our marketing campaign is dedicated to an critical subject matter, this 12 months we will read poems about peace in the entire world, the peace within just us.

This idea - to devote the "Coronary heart on the system" 2022 to Ukraine and peace - was born in March just before the exhibition "The Book of Latvia", the war had just begun.

In the earlier, in peacetime, raising the difficulty of peace did not appear relevant. I recall there was hope that in the slide, when the action alone will take location, the war will be extended above ...

Ukrainians and Latvians in Ukraine have also been contacted to participate in the campaign and I truly hope that instances will allow them to do so. They genuinely wanted to link Latvians and Ukrainians to Russia as nicely, but they are concerned of repression.

Nevertheless, in other elements of the planet, for instance, Raini's "Damaged Pines" will be read in both equally Latvian and Ukrainian.

- How numerous attendees are envisioned in Tukum and other elements of the world this year?

- You can never ever forecast, I believe there will be a thousand, just like shares in a decade. Apparently, not only Latvians participate, but also quite a few people today of other nationalities.

Literary translators and even ambassadors read through poems on the system.

- Why do you think it is important to provide anyone with each other at the similar time? For case in point, it really is not easy for Australians.

- No it is not. On the night of September 9 in Latvia, the solar of September 10 will now glow in Australia, just like in Japan. In the meantime, September 9 has just started in America.

A unified sensation is produced by encountering the below and now - flash actions also arise at the exact same time. When we joined the "Baltic Road" in 1989, would it have been a success if everybody experienced traveled to their heart's information?

Which is why we also read poetry at the similar time - words of ability are most productive when spoken collectively. I believe - adhering to the time all around the earth like a pearl, with each other we will make a vibrant magic that will assist put the aggressor in his location.

We will broadcast the marketing campaign live on the Facebook web pages "Sirds uz perona" and "Dzejas dienas", as very well as on www.tukums.lv.

Nevertheless, we invite all individuals who want to take part to apply.

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On the Facebook web page of the campaign, absolutely everyone can discover the sites closest to them exactly where the arranged occasions will take area, or go the place their coronary heart desires - at the bus stop or on the aspect of the railway, and examining aloud a poem for the peace, take part in wrapping words and phrases of energy all-around the planet.

"Vij, Dei, viju d'oro / All together the land of the Fathers / So that no overseas frost comes / To select bouquets in this land!" Latvian people music calls.