Prof Zubairi: PLWHA can marry and have youngsters

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - People with HIV / AIDS there is no have to have for fear or focus to marry with the opposite sexual intercourse also have toddler.

Wellbeing skilled and internal drugs specialist subspecialist in hematology-oncology (cancer) Prof Zubairi Djoerban tension that anyone has the ideal to marry and having offspring which includes PLWHA.

But prior to we go on, PLWHA you have to get ready.

"IS PLWHA Ability to marry? Of course they are all ideal. But make confident you don't get contaminated once again, "he said speaking to Tribun Community on Friday (09/02/2022).

He disclosed, when PLWHA want to marry have to regularly take ARV drug therapy, to guarantee that the volume of virus in the physique is extremely lower and does not infect companions.

"Very first hold off. 3 months, utmost 6 months of typical treatment intake. The virus is not detected. It is no for a longer time contagious, it is not transmitted to the offspring," added the physician who methods at the healthcare facility Kramat 128.


Thus, when a husband or wife of PLWHA is located to be HIV negative, preventive actions will have to be taken to keep away from being contaminated and to have out frequent checks.

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So, all through intercourse, generally use a condom as a basic safety evaluate.

In addition to keeping overall health and avoiding all HIV chance actions these types of as shifting sexual associates, having unprotected sex and sharing needles.

A few earlier to marry it is sensible to seek advice from the clinic 1st to have a check or an HIV take a look at.

"Now please to marry when the virus goes out. So you can to marry and of system little oneIt is not infected, 'said Professor Zubairi.