Red Bull F1 representative "Porsche needs to decide whether to accept our conditions"[]

Red Bull Racing says there is a ball whether Porsche accepts the conditions regarding the partnership with Porsche in F1.

Red Bull Racing has been considering a partnership with Porsche for months from 2026 when the new F1 engine regulations are introduced.

However, Porsche is seeking a stake in Red Bull Racing for the F1 project, and negotiations are believed to have stalled due to significant disagreements between Red Bull and Porsche over how to proceed with the project.

In particular, there are factions within Red Bull who want the team to maintain one of its core strengths in F1: technical independence, rather than letting Porsche's corporate management structure decide. understood.

Unresolved issues have put on hold original plans to move the partnership forward, but Red Bull is now proceeding as intended with its own F1 engine project, which was to eventually transform into a Porsche power unit. Therefore, I do not feel uneasy about the situation.

Red Bull Racing F1 team principal Christian Horner said in an interview with Sky Sport F1 that there are some key aspects of the team that cannot be compromised and it is up to Porsche to accept the terms of the offer or walk away. rice field.

"They have to decide whether to join the party or not," said Christian Horner.

"I would say it has to be within the culture of how we race."

Christian Horner has stressed that maintaining the independence that has allowed Red Bull to achieve multiple F1 titles is essential.

"Red Bull has always been an independent team," said Horner.

"That's one of our strengths, it's the backbone of what we've achieved, our ability to move quickly. It's part of our DNA."

"We are not a corporate run organization and that is one of our strengths in how we operate as a race team. It is an absolute prerequisite for the future."

Christian Horner says Red Bull is continuing to work on its 2026 F1 power unit for now, as he feels other manufacturers could join if Porsche's plans eventually fall apart.

"Any relationship with a manufacturer or partner must be compatible with Red Bull," said Horner.

“We've got this new chapter, an exciting new chapter towards the powertrain side of the business. Only time will tell if we accept it or continue on our own as our current plans."

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