reduce the deposit paid to his supplier? This solution put forward by Alexander De Croo is not without risk!

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo's solution for customers who find themselves paying exorbitant amounts monthly pose question. According to him, when you receive an invoice with a payment proposal, you can always say that you "do not agree" and that you want to "pay a lower amount", to use his remarks on Bel RTL this Friday. An answer to the question: what solution for the customer who sees his bills explode?

The logic behind his reasoning is that if you reduce your consumption, perhaps the provision you are asked for has finally become too high. And that you could therefore pay less. "We see that today we consume 10 to 15% less than last year", recalls its spokesperson who specifies that we "always have the right to refuse the proposed deposit".

►► But faced with the uncertainty of future prices, the Prime Minister's solution presents risks.

►► We explain why.