"Register for a new state welfare card" form is open for download and click

update progress "Register for the new state welfare card" or poor man card New round, which will open for registration on September 5 - October 19, 2022 after the new criteria have been set. This time, registration points will be set up. to facilitate some low-income people that cannot access the smartphone Ministry of Finance The details were revealed more clearly. on how to register a poor person's card, especiallyform and supporting documents used inRegister for the state welfare card 2022 The details are as follows.

caseRegister for a new state welfare card through the website

can register through the website state welfare card click here by dividing the registration status as a family
and no family

1. The registrant has no family. use documents

  • registration form
  • Registrant's identity card

2. The registrant has a family. Use the document.

  • registration form
  • Registration card
  • A copy of the spouse's ID card ready to sign
  • Copy of the child's ID card or a copy of the birth certificate ready to sign

In the event that the spouse and the registered child Travel to the registration unit It does not require a copy of the ID card.

locationRegister for a new state welfare card 7 government agencies, including

  • Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC)
  • savings bank
  • Krung Thai Bank
  • Treasury offices in all 76 provinces
  • District offices and 878 districts across the country
  • Bangkok district offices in all 50 districts
  • Pattaya City Hall

In addition, the Ministry of Finance also open a channel for the public to downloadState Welfare Registration Form 2022 and power of attorney for the disabled bedridden patient or the elderly as well

The 2022 State Welfare Registration Scheme Form is available for download.form Register for a new state welfare card click here

However, when filling out personal information, occupation, income and debt, the need for government assistance Registered family member information (Only in the case of having a family) authentication Consent to Disclosure and Verification finished Can bring the said form to the registration unit with evidence according to the date and business hours that are open for registration for all 7 government agencies.

Power of Attorney for the Disabled bedridden patient or the elderly, in the case of disabled, bedridden patients or the elderly who cannot come to register themselves Able to authorize another person to register on his behalf by using the following documents:

  • registration form
  • Copy of ID card (spouse) with signature
  • ID card (registered person)
  • Copy of ID card (children) or a copy of birth certificate Ready to sign documents for authorization.
  • power of attorney (Download at the project website)
  • ID card (Authorized Person)
  • Copy of disabled person's identification card (if any)
  • Medical certificate (if any)

Register for a new state welfare card

for the benefits of the holdersstate welfare card to reduce the burden of living costs for low-income people such as

  • Product purchase cost 200 - 300 baht
  • Public bus travel costs 500 baht.
  • Cooking gas discount 45 baht (per 3-month cycle) In case of fragile groups, you will receive a discount of 100 baht (per 3-month cycle).
  • Electricity subsidy, not more than 315 baht per family (as actually paid)
  • Water bill subsidy no more than 100 baht per family (as actually paid)
  • Special money for disabled people 200 baht
  • Government welfare card holders who are merchants, hawkers, stalls and small shops will receive a 100 baht discount on PT cooking gas (PTT) at participating outlets.
  • Extra money for seniors 50 to 100 baht, depending on income criteria.

Customer Service Center State welfare card Tel. 0-2109-2345

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