Reporter: The Dalian people after the shotgun change can't be provoked. Its operation mode may become the mainstream of the Chinese Super League_Football_Yuan Ye_Xie Hui

Original title: Reporter: After the shotgun has been replaced by the gun, the Dalian people are not easy to provoke their operation mode, which may become the mainstream of the Chinese Super League

Reporter: The Dalian people after the shotgun change can't be messed up. Its operation mode may become the mainstream of the Chinese Super League.

Live it on August 21. After the meeting of the new recruits was held at the Dalian People's Club and the head coach Xie Hui was renewed, reporters Yuan Ye and Chen Hua posted on Weibo, commenting on the current model of the Dalian people.

Yuan Ye commented on Weibo: "Six newcomers come in at once, and there may be more behind them. Dalian people are a little bit like changing guns. Although the newcomers introduced do not seem to be very famous, many times only after a hard life, they can Knowing that life is not easy, if the new foreign aid can be quickly integrated into Xie Hui's tactical play, then the next Dalian people are really not easy to mess with."

Chen Hua believes that the model of Dalian people may become the mainstream operation model of the clubs in the Chinese Super League in the future. He commented: "Professional football, it's right to spend money, but it must be relatively sustainable and bring positive promotion to the entire ecology. Instead of drinking poison to quench thirst with devastating development. Guangzhou Evergrande has led the trend of the Chinese Super League in the past ten years. It is the pioneer of playing gold-dollar football high, and it has also achieved great success. Subsequently, there are many followers, but under the economic environment and the epidemic, all are Unsustainable. In the final analysis, football itself does not have hematopoietic function, it is just a tool of the parent company, a billboard. The boss invests money when he is happy, cancels when he is not happy, and even takes salary arrears for granted.

At this time, entrants like Wanda, on the one hand, followed the trend of Jinyuan football and the effect was not very good, and they burned a lot of money and were downgraded. On the other hand, compressing money and focusing on the cultivation of our own talents may be the way out. In the future, a government-led Dalian native, state-owned enterprises singing operas, private enterprises sponsoring, cost control, and rational investment may be the relatively mainstream operation mode of the Chinese Super League club.

In addition, Dalian said that it has smashed 4 billion. How many billions went into the players' pockets, and how many went into the accounts of brokerage companies and related people, which is hard to say. Otherwise, such a large investment should not be downgraded. "

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