results of September 2, 2022, dry and prizes

This Friday, September 2, the draw 4642 of the Medellín Lottery takes place. The first of September. In the past week various prizes were awarded throughout the country and the same thing happened today, with the prize pool of more than 11,900 million pesos that the lottery has available for all the people who play it.

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for this friday, The Medellín Lottery announced on its social networks that it had a prize of 10,000 million pesos predisposeda super dry of 1,000 million pesos and several dry of 300 million pesos, 100 million pesos, 50 million pesos, 20 million pesos and 10 million pesos.

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results of Lottery of Medellín Today September 2, 2022

The top prize of 10,000 million pesos from the Medellín Lottery went to number 0627 of the 068 series.

This Friday the millionaire accumulated promotional for 50 million pesos was also raffled and the winner was number 513342.

Below you can see the video of the draw for this Friday, September 2, showing the winning number. (See also: Results and winning numbers Risaralda Lottery for Friday, September 2)


Medellin Lottery winning numbers today September 2, 2022

The jackpot was sent to the city of , as reported by the Medellín Lottery in the television broadcast of the draw.

For its part, the super dry prize of 1,000 million pesos went to number 4414 of the 270 series.

Next, the image that shows all the dry ones that were delivered today:

Medellin Lottery

What is the Medellin Lottery prize plan?

Take into account the prize plan for the winners of the Medellin Lottery:

Medellin Lottery
Medellin Lottery

How to claim the prize in case of winning the Medellín Lottery?

Take care of your ticket: this is important because it is the official receipt to collect the prize in case you win. Keep it in a safe place and take care that it is not mistreated.

Next, the recommendations given by the Medellín Lottery to claim the different prizes it awards:

Medellin Lottery

When and how does the Medellín Lottery play?

The Medellin Lottery draw takes place on Fridays around 11:00 pm, broadcast in real time by the regional channel Teleantioquia. The next draw will be held on Friday, September 9.