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Rakuten Girls' personal logo, the second wave of six announced. (Provided by Lotte Momomon)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Lotte Girls welcomes the October "Spicy, Cool and Sweet Party", and the first official logo of all members has been launched. Today, the vice-captains Dai Ying, Qu Yi, Feifei, Ying Le, Xiong Ni and Ruotong Fang's representative logos will be announced.

The official logos of the twenty-five girls will be announced one by one. Each girl representative logo will have a story about a girl to tell you. In the future, personal merchandise will be combined with the official logo, with unlimited creativity, representing the captain's cat love. logo, representing Yuri's favorite American hard style "YURI", like Lin Xiang and Lin Xiang's favorite "MITSUKI" rose heart logo, Meng Jie lucky's favorite MJ15 logo, Feifei combined the English name AVIVA with the beautiful wings soaring, Fly sweetly into your heart.

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Ruotong's favorite tiger pattern has become the "TANYA" Logo, representing Daiying's favorite deer pie combined with 66 styles, the M bear pattern Logo that likes Xiong Ni, and Ying Le and you Fall in love all love together and become "Music"; Qu Yi transformed "CHU" into a pleasant note, like a wonderful dance song, Lotte Girl made her logo more creative.

At present, ten girls' exclusive logos have been announced, and more official exclusive logos of other girls will be announced one by one before the hot cool sweet party. Is to lead the coquettish.

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