Set the defendant in a psychological health and fitness medical center. Postponement of the case of the Al-Rai massacre

13:35 Saturday 03 September 2022

Textbooks - Saber Al-Mahlawi and Ahmed Adel:
Circuit 25 of the Giza Criminal Court, held at 10 and a 50 percent kilo, currently, Saturday, up-to-date the trial of the accused of "European rural massacre" on costs of killing a farmer, his two daughters and two grandchildren , as of November 5th session Current the accused to a psychiatric healthcare facility.
The prosecutor had ordered the referral of the accused of killing 5 people A farmer, his two daughters and his two grandchildren, on a farm in the European Reef Village in Sheikh Zayed Metropolis for a felony trial This is for the reason that he was accused of deliberately killing the farmer and this crime was connected to 5 other crimes, specifically the intentional killing of his two daughters and his two grandchildren and the tried indecent assault of 1 of his daughters. two victims.
The Prosecutor established proof on the accused from his confession in the investigation, his graphical simulation of how the criminal offense was dedicated and his guideline to the narcotic tape he employed to put into practice his indecent assault program, as well as the applications he has utilized to insert the drug into the drink of the victims.