Several Dominicans among the victims of the accident in NJ

Four people died and eight were injured, most of them of Dominican origin, when the bus they were traveling from their place of work overturned, according to several New York media reports.

The Ford Eco line E 350 bus overturned and fell in the center lane of southbound Palisades Interstate Parkway, near county exit 2, around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

The bus was carrying a dozen people, of whom four died at the scene and the rest were some with serious head injuries and others with minor injuries, according to the authorities who came to the rescue.

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Those who managed to survive were taken to the hospital until they recovered.

The victims of the tragedy were returning from a party supply factory in Chester, Orange, owned by Upste New York.

"We all feel bad, not just me, because everyone is Dominicansthe majority..., and that's sad, fathers of families, mothers of families, all of that, annoying”, expressed other factory workers who knew the women. victims al portal NY1.

According to the employees, among the fatalities was a young Dominican who was only three months old who had arrived in the United States from Santo Domingo. They also described the accident as a "tragedy" and say they are devastated.

For their part, the authorities have an ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident.

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