Several seagulls found dead of bird flu in La Turballe

The avian influenza virus was identified on several gulls found dead in La Turballe, in Loire-Atlantique, on Friday August 19, 2022. A temporary control zone has been set up by the prefecture.

Several gulls were found dead in La Turballe, in Loire-Atlantique. After analysis, the bird flu virus was found on the birds on August 19, 2022.

The prefect of Loire-Atlantique therefore issued an order to try to limit the spread of the virus, which had wreaked havoc in the region at the start of the year.

A temporary control zone has therefore been set up throughout the territory of the municipalities of La Turballe, Mesquer, Le Croisic, Guérande and Piriac-sur-Mer.

In these municipalities, several measures must be respected by professionals and individuals who own birds. The latter must be sheltered as well as their food in order to limit the risks.

In addition to this, all owners of poultry or birds must ensure that all vehicles or equipment that transported these animals are disinfected.

It is also advisable not to approach and not to feed wild birds in these towns, especially marine animals by the sea.

If you ever find corpses or birds that seem sick, take no risk and contact the French Office for Biodiversity by phone at 0251250787 or by email via