SHIFT GmbH presents the notebook SHIFT13mi at the IFA 2022, which becomes a tablet

With the SHIFT13mi the sustainability company is presenting a sustainable 2-in-1 device: the detachable notebook is a tablet and laptop in one!

About the SHIFT13mi

While the device is not only versatile, its modular design makes it easy to repair and expand, and powerful as well. How is this supposed to work? Well, the heart of the tablet is an 11th generation Intel processor, the Tiger Lake i5, including a hybrid cooling system with two fan modes. This is sorely necessary, because while silent mode is responsible for operation without a fan, full performance is only accessed in power mode. That SHIFT13mi has dual memory slots with interchangeable M.2 SSD modules and a Full HD front camera with an on/off switch. The onboard graphics card can be expanded via eGPU, and up to 32 GB of LPDDR RAM provide the necessary processing speed. The operating system, whether Linux or Windows, can be freely selected when ordering. As you are used to from the SHIFT SHIFTPHONES, the design of the SHIFT13mi a modular concept, so that many components can be replaced and repaired.

In addition to the motherboard, this also includes the battery (53.5 Wh). There are also accessories: with the so-called SHIFTkeys SHIFT GmbH launches a keyboard that can do more than just write. The keys, which are equipped with LED backlighting, also function as a 10-finger multi-touch surface - a brand new technology! In addition, the keyboard with numerous USB-C ports can also be used as a USB-C hub and power bank. The keyboard also offers a safe place for an Active Pen designed in-house SHIFTpen. The pen supports over 3,000 pressure levels and is compatible with both operating systems of the SHIFT13mi compatible. get interested? The first modular detachable notebook SHIFT13mi can be picked up and examined at IFA 2022. Orders are currently possible via the manufacturer's online shop for €999.00 or as a bundle with keyboard and active pen for €1,333.00. All other information is on the official website of SHIFT to find.