Stokmarknes cryptographic plant in Hadsel is below noise limit, according to new report - NRK Nordland

More and more companies have chosen to mine cryptocurrency in Northern Norway.

Electricity prices are low here.

Both Mo i Rana and Sulitjelma have data centers.

Stokmarknes in the municipality of Hadsel also received this.

He didn't go slow.

Butcher noise report

The neighbors have sounded the alarm and are thinking the structure makes so much noise that they struggle to sleep at night.

The company itself believes that the noise is within limits. They have now also received support in a report they ordered from Rambøll.

The simple conclusion: noise is legal.

- It's an in-depth report that confirms the internal measurements Stokmarknes Datasenter continuously takes, says community contact Carsten Lier at the aforementioned cryptocurrency firm.

This is the sound of the data center earlier this summer, before the company implemented noise reduction measures.

Neighbor Harald Martin Eilertsen disagrees with this.

- It's a ridiculous report.

He lives 250 meters from the computer facility.

Control reported

Eilertsen points out that it was the company itself that ordered the sound measurement from Rambøll.

- After all, they themselves decide how much to load the machines when measuring. Many in the area he said this was the quietest day they have had since the start of the plant.

Martin Harald Eilertsen lives 250 meters from the Stokmarknes cryptographic center.

Photo: private

Draw a parallel with your own work at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority:

- You have never heard of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority going to check a restaurant where it said in advance that it will come to check if the hygiene requirements are met. What do you think the kitchen would be like then?

Eilertsen shows that the company behind the system was not operating at full capacity when the sound measurement was performed. According to the report, Rambøll then calculated the noise when the plant is running at full capacity.

- Why they have not had full operation as usual and how you can calculate the maximum noise when the system is not working at full capacity.

Now the municipality of Hadsel must act, the neighbor believes.

- The municipality must make its own noise measurements over time.

NRK explains

What is bitcoin?


This is bitcoin

Bitcoin denotes both a digital payment network and the unit of value in this network. Bitcoin is often referred to as a virtual currency or cryptocurrency.

Based on blockchain

The network is digital and decentralized and is based on blockchain technology. Put simply, this means you can send bitcoins directly to a recipient, without the need for a bank.

pros and cons

Proponents of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin point to benefits such as low transaction costs, accessibility and anonymity. Critics point out that bitcoin is used in criminal activities, uses a lot of electricity and also that the exchange rate fluctuates a lot.

Source: Great Norwegian lexicon.

Here they identified the digital currency with the official one

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Carsten Lier in Stokmarknes Datasenter says the municipality did not take the initiative for noise measurement.

- Council asked Stokmarknes Data Center to submit this noise report and we did. Hadsel municipality or others, as far as I know, did not take the initiative to order or make noise measurements, he says.

Contact of the Carsten Lier community in Stokmarknes Datasenter.

Carsten Lier is the community contact for Stokmarknes Datasenter.

Photo: private

He believes the report was performed by an independent third party and denies that Stokmarknes Datasenter has established any guidelines for measurement.

- We have no interest in setting guidelines or influencing someone to say otherwise.

- This is an independent report produced by one of the country's leading academic circles. Rambøll AS has strong integrity. There's no reason to say otherwise, says Lier.

It's not funny

- It's no fun being a local politician and taking a walk in the mountains and meeting people who live there. They say this is making a difference in their lives.

This is what liberal politician Arne Ivar Mikalsen says. He is shocked.

- If I had lived there, I would have gone mad. There is nothing more to say.

Hadsel's presidency decided earlier this autumn that it is undesirable to have this type of business in the municipality.

- It's important for us to make a decision that we don't want them there. But I don't think it will have much of an effect, says Mikalsen.

Arne-Ivar Mikalsen (V)

Leftist politician Arne-Ivar Mikalsen claims he went mad living near the Stokmarknes crypto center.

Photo: Ole-Christian Olsen

The leftist politician reacts to the fact that the company behind it did not take steps to reduce noise before it started.

- They must have known when they started that it would make noise. They have the same story elsewhere. It is the same answer. They run to make money.

The measures should have been introduced earlier

Lier acknowledges that the cryptocurrency company should have initiated the noise reduction measures first.

- At the same time, it is important to point out that there is no conclusion as to what kind of measures have the best effect in different places. We have to go through some experiences before we can create changes.

- Production started in late June. Work on physical measurements began in early August, Lier says.

However, he understands that the neighbors find the noise unpleasant, even if it is below the limit values.

- I believe the neighbors who say that the sound is unpleasant, even if it is below the limit values. I understand that the neighbors are bothered by the noise. Stokmarknes Data Center will extend as far as necessary to eliminate noise.

One of the measures is that the company has applied to set up a building to enclose the cooling fans in an effort to reduce noise.

Sketch of what the finished building of Stokmarknes Datasenter might look like.

The creation of a permanent building is the goal of Stokmarknes Datasenter. One reason is to reduce the noise of the cooling fans running during energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining.

Photo: Stokmarknes Data Center

- What do residents get in exchange for the Stokmarknes Datasenter mining cryptocurrency in the municipality of Hadsel?

- Stokmarknes Data Center is a growing company with potential jobs that can add value to the municipality and local community.

He points out that the company pays taxes to the municipality in which it operates and that it has entered into an agreement with a local electricity company worth NOK 8 million per year.

- It gives reductions to the other tenants of the network in the municipality.