Tai Tzu Ying loses to South Korea's Ahn Se Young in 3 rounds in Japan Open and stops in the top 4

World Ball Queen Tai Tzu-ying was in the top 4 of the women's singles at the Japan Open today, losing 12-21, 21-14, 13-21 to the world's fourth-ranked South Korean female player Ahn Se-young, failing to advance to the final.

Tai Tzu Ying lost to South Korea's An Se Young in 3 rounds, and the top 4 of the Japan Open stopped.  (Website/File photo)

Tai Tzu Ying lost to South Korea's An Se Young in 3 rounds, and the top 4 of the Japan Open stopped. (Website/File photo)

The decisive game failed to hold the lead and was reversed by the opponent's 10-1 offensive. World Queen Tai Tzu-ying lost to the South Korean women 12-21, 21-14, 13-21 in the top 4 of the Japan Badminton Open today. Will An Xiying, stop early.

The Japan Badminton Open with a total prize money of US$750,000 (approximately NT$22.77 million) is the sub-top competition of the Badminton World Tour Super 750 Series. It will debut after the World Badminton Championship. Today, the top 4 of each group will compete. Taiwan's first badminton brother, Zhou Tiancheng, after three rounds of battles, knocked out Shi Yuqi, a player from mainland China, and reached the Japan Open final for the first time in his career.

Tai Tzu Ying, who returned to the post-ball throne this week, started low and high at the Japan Open. She fought her opponents to the decisive game in the first two games. She passed the barrier with a strong tail flick. Ratchanok Intanon, tied the opponent in just two rounds to advance.

The 20-year-old South Korean teenager Ahn Se-young, ranked fourth in the world, is a new hope for South Korea's women's singles. This season, she won the double championship at the South Korea Open and the Malaysia Badminton Masters. Won the runner-up, last week's Badminton World Championships was stopped in the top 4.

Tai Tzu Ying has played against An Seying 3 times in his career, and his opponent has a 2-win advantage.

Today, the two sides faced each other again. In the beginning, An Siying quickly entered the situation and scored 6 points in the beginning. Tai Tzuying made too many mistakes and was unable to turn the situation around. In the game, they fell behind 4-15 at most, and gave up 12-21 in the first game. .

After the warm-up in the first round, Tai Tzu Ying started to warm up in the second round. At the start of the match, she was 2-4, and then came back to the top with a wave of 7-1 offensive. After that, she took the lead all the way, and returned to 21-14. . Tai Tzu Ying scored 3 points in a row at the start of the decisive game, and still held a slight lead of 12-11 in the game. Unexpectedly, the situation changed. She hit the ball out of bounds in succession, coupled with many mistakes in judgment, let the opponent pull the ball. A wave of 10-1 offensive reversed the situation, and finally lost to the opponent 13-21, and the top 4 stopped.

(Editor-in-Chief: Zhuang Yanyu)

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