the 110 GB package drops to 13.99 euros per month for one year

To the delight of consumers, Free is lowering the price of its 110 GB package for the start of the school year. Until September 13, the subscription is offered at 13.99 euros per month for the first year.

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Do you consume more than 100 GB of data each month? And you want to reduce the price of your mobile subscription? It may be a good time to switch to Free. As usual, the troublemaker of telecoms breaks its prices for the start of the school year. For any subscription before September 13, its 110 GB package is available at 13.99 euros per month for one year. Afterwards, the 110 GB package changes to the Free 5G 210 GB package and will be billed at 19.99 euros per month. If the new offer suits you, great. Otherwise, you can cancel your plan. As it is non-binding, there will be no additional costs.

Designed for large data consumers, this Free series provides 110 GB of monthly data that can be used in mainland France. An additional internet envelope of 12 GB is also included from Europe and the overseas departments, not to mention unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from abroad (Europe and the overseas departments).

Subscribing to the Free 110 GB package also allows you to benefit from premium access to the Free Ligue 1 application.

What you must remember

  • - 110 GB of internet in 4G/4G+ in mainland France;
    - 12 GB of internet in 4G from Europe and DOM;
    - Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS;
    - Premium access to the Free Ligue 1 application;
    - Offer valid until September 13, 2022.

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