The "Bayraktar" drones destroyed Russian equipment worth just about 30 million dollars in a few days

"For the duration of a few times, from 31 August to 2 September, a pair of unmanned" Bayraktar Television-2 "plane destroyed enemy tools worthy of about $ 26.5 million. It is 8 T-72 tanks ( the approximate cost of a tank is $ 3 million), an Acacia self-propelled gun ($ 1.6 million), infantry fighting vehicles ($ .6 million) and howitzers ($ .3 million) ), "wrote Valery Zaluzhny.

In addition, in accordance to him, 5 T-72 tanks and a single infantry fighting auto were destroyed. "The overall expense of the wrecked and damaged Russian equipment is $ 28.35 million," he extra.

The Ukrainian military standard staff members documented Saturday that because the starting of the reinvasion on February 24, the Russians had shed 2,034 tanks, 4,403 troop transportation battleships, 1,134 guns, 293 various rocket launchers, 153 anti-plane artillery systems, 235 aircraft, 205 helicopters, 864 drones, 203 cruise missiles, 368 cars and tankers, 15 ships and speedboats and 105 models of specialised machines.

On the previous day, the Russians endured the greatest losses in the instructions of Donetsk and Kriviyrich.

The extent of Russia's losses is clarified, as the acquisition of information and facts is hampered by hostilities.