the doors have been slammed loudly in front of the Buzova brawl

In the literal feeling of the word.

Olga Buzova broke firewood with her antics. Now the star just isn't even authorized on the doorstep of her delivery college. On the other hand, she would not treatment significantly.

The Television host talked about her university many years. The singer admitted that she is an exceptional student. Even so, she could manage too substantially, she behaved like a genuine rebel: she did not don a uniform and frequently quarreled with the director. But she nonetheless managed to get the coveted gold medal. True, by the close of school, the singer earned a scandalous fame. For this motive, she is now not admitted to an academic institution.

“They do not let me in mainly because of my positions. They take care of me precisely from 50 to 50. For some I am a motivator, a human being who lives in honor, in conscience, does not want to hurt anyone. And for some I am a purple rag. Also, no just one can explain what it is linked with. But I am not a hundred-ruble piece of paper to be sure to everybody. This is usual, regrettably ”, - prices the terms of Olga Buzova "Fifth channel".

Picture resource: Legion-Media

Creator: Julia Chubakova