the great bazaar of documents seized from Donald Trump

Published on : 03/09/2022 - 07:47

Following the US federal police search of Donald Trump's home in August, we know a little more since a judge ordered the publication of a more precise list of what was seized by the FBI . There was a bit of everything...

Donald Trump may defend law and order, he is apparently not a relentless tidying up and rigorous classification, tells our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin. In the inventory published by the judge who has not yet decided whether she will appoint a special supervisor for the analysis of the documents seized, it seems that there was a bit of everything everywhere.

Files labeled empty classified which one wonders if they ever had content and what it has potentially become. Storage boxes in which we find pell-mell secret documents or even top secret, with magazines or newspaper clippings, unclassified government documents stored with items to be returned to federal services.

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Documents stamped Top Secret on the floor of Donald Trump's residence in Florida. via REUTERS - U.S. Department of Justice

Evidence of attempted obstruction

In one of the boxes, there are both documents stamped confidential or secret with what is presented as gifts or clothes. Everything was seized both in Mar-a-Lago's storage room and in the office of Donald Trumpwhere he received many visitors.

The published list is 11 pages. She suggests that the storage of the documents taken by Donald Trump was clearly botched and that the rules for protecting national security secrets were not followed.

Donald Trump's former Minister of Justice, Bill Barr, thus estimated on Friday that the spectacular search of the FBI at the home of the former American president seemed justified, and that the authorities seemed to have " good » evidence of an attempted obstruction on his part. " If they clearly have the president moving things around, hiding things in his office, and telling people to hide things from the government, they may be inclined to bring this case. in court, he added.

If he called " foolish » et « inexplicable Mr. Trump's behavior regarding the documents, however, Mr. Barr said he hoped the department would not indict him, " given that he is a former president and given the state of the nation ».

Aerial view of the Mar-a-Lago residence, owned by Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Florida, August 15, 2022.
Aerial view of the Mar-a-Lago residence, owned by Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Florida, August 15, 2022. REUTERS - MARCO BELLO

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