The Nuclear Medicine Center opens the brachytherapy service for cancer patients

Written in LOCALES the 3/9/2022 · 07:50 hs

On August 12, the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy of Southern Patagonia (CEMNPA) started the new High-Rate Brachytherapy Service for cancer patients. It complements the Comprehensive External Radiotherapy treatment, which is mainly used in gynecological and prostate pathologies.

Led by the head of service Dr. Juan Pablo Sosa Caresano and his team, this service provides effective, simple and even almost painless therapy and allows treating cervical and endometrial cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

"We continue to grow proudly and help our community, which is the most valuable thing, we shorten distances to start their treatment, we evolve with high technology and we provide a comprehensive service," they expressed from CEMNPA.